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Phenolic paper laminated sheet
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet
Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet
Melamine glass cloth laminated sheet
Polyester glass fiber sheet
Silicone glass cloth laminated sheet,rod,tube
PTFE (Teflon) Plate
Mica Plate
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated rod
Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod
Phenolic paper laminated tube
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube
Epoxy Phenolic glass cloth laminated tube
Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube
Insulation parts
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  Insulation parts are made from insulating sheet, rod and tubes by grinding, planer, milling, drilling and carving into parts of mechanical and electrical equipments.

  We can process the following insulation parts In large quantities:
  ★ Phenolic paper insulation parts.
  ★ Phenolic cotton cloth insulation parts.
  ★ Epoxy glass cloth insulation parts.
  ★ Polyester glass fiber insulation parts,GPO3 insulation parts,SMC and DMC insulation parts..
  ★ Melamine glass cloth insulation parts.
  ★ Silicone glass cloth insulation parts.
  ★ PTFE(Teflon) insulation parts.
  ★ Nylon insulation parts.
  ★ POM,PP insulation parts.
  ★ Mica insulation parts.
  ★Polyimide insulation parts.

Phenolic paper insulating parts
Phenolic cotton cloth insulating parts
Epoxy glass cloth insulating parts
Polyester glass fiber insulation parts
Mica parts
POM parts
PTFE parts
Melamine glass parts
Silicone glass parts

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